SpellGrid = anagrams + crosswords

Arrange a set of letters to create as many words as possible, joining them together in a grid.

How large a crossword can you build?

What would it be like to play Scrabble with the same seven tiles every turn?

How to Play

Forget about tiles and racks. Just touch any letter on the grid to duplicate, then drag and drop anywhere.  It doesn’t get any more intuitive than this!

An infinite board without special squares allows you to focus on the fun part – word building.


Each letter is worth a certain number of points. Add up the points from each letter in a word, then multiply the total by the length of the word.

You get a bonus of 20 points for each cluster of 2×2 cells occupied.

A grid built strategically, as compact as possible, will result in a higher total score.


Use SpellGrid as a learning tool! Instant validation allows you to discover new words simply thru experimentation.

You will get better scores the more you play SpellGrid, as your vocabulary expands.


Check out the grids others have created.  Find out words you may have missed, or learn better placement strategies.

Completed grids are saved to the cloud.

Unlimited Levels

Can you think of a word with no repeated letters? Spell away and start a grid with that word. You will never run out of levels to play!

Part of the challenge in SpellGrid is to think of words with no repeated letters so you can start your own custom grids.

* You can create 7, 8 or 9 letter grids.

4/5 Stars
“SpellGrid+ proved to be a lot of fun for a word game fiend such as myself.”

Cult of Mac
5/5 Stars
“It’s a fun, high-energy twist on anagram games.”

“SpellGrid+ is a perfect game for any word game enthusiast. I really like the fact that you’re playing by yourself, basically competing against time and in the end, also against yourself. I really like how the games themselves are pretty open ended with your being able to create words on a crossword with no limitations which means that in terms of gameplay, you’ll never really play the same game twice.”

“SpellGrid is a shockingly simple game that combines the best parts of Boggle and Scrabble.”


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